Our mission is to simplify healthcare navigation for all

Our Vision

Our Vision

We see a world where healthcare doesn't get in the way of living.


A Message from our Founders

Everyone touches the healthcare system in their life. Oftentimes, that interaction can be really complicated. There are a lot of moving pieces to healthcare that make decision-making very difficult, such as insurance, costs, and quality of care. We founded Caribou on the belief that people deserve to have the right resources in front of them to properly evaluate their options. After all, our health is all we have and the decisions we make can impact our longterm wellbeing. With our experience working in healthcare technology, we set out to build a platform that allowed anyone, no matter where they lived in the United States, to find a trusted expert with the right professional experience to help guide them through their specific needs or challenges. We prioritize the interests of people - not providers, facilities, or payers - and we believe that every person can be in the driver's seat of their healthcare decisions with a Caribou Healthcare Advisor on their side. We hope to impact many lives through our mission of simplifying healthcare for all.

Our Core Values

Customer Focus

You are always our priority, no matter what. Nothing else incentivizes us.

Listen First

We take the time to listen to your story and hear what you hope to achieve.


We are transparent and always keep expectations real.

Offer Value

When we can’t help, we strive to offer resources that are better suited to your situation.

Always Learning

We know our strengths and take every opportunity we can to learn new skills.

Data Driven

We identify patterns so that we can better help the next person who calls us.

Are you passionate about simplifying healthcare? If so, join our team.

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