Caribou: Cost to Hire a Healthcare Advisor

August 28, 2020



August 28, 2020

Hiring a Healthcare Advisor (also commonly referred to as a Patient Advocate) is well worth the cost. Although it is an added cost, what you’ll soon realize is that the benefits of having someone advocate for your health on your behalf outweighs the price. Their professionalism, expertise and dedication for your care could save you hundreds to thousands of dollars in medical expenses, hospital bills and insurance payments.

Unlike many healthcare services, having a Healthcare Advisor is not covered by your insurance. Therefore, to get help from a Healthcare Advisor, you’re required to pay for their services out-of-pocket. 

When working with a Healthcare Advisor, there are no restrictions for the amount of support you wish to receive. Unlike when accessing healthcare services from your insurance company, your only limit when working with a Healthcare Advisor is the amount you are willing to pay.

A Healthcare Advisor will advocate for their clients, taking into account all the regulations and policies of the healthcare system to ensure their interests are well represented. They know the system inside and out - after all, that is why someone chooses to work with them.

There are endless ways a Healthcare Advisor can assist you, such as with your finances and medical bills, potentially saving you thousands of dollars.

Cost to Hire a Healthcare Advisor

There are types of costs that a Healthcare Advisor might bill for. They include: 

  • Initial assessment fee 

  • Hourly rate

  • Project fee, for solving a specific problem such as the negotiation of a medical bill 

A Healthcare Advisor will give you an honest estimate of the total expenses before getting started on solving a problem that you present them with.

The cost of a Healthcare Advisor can vary, ranging from $100-$350 per hour and depends on a few factors:

1. Types of services needed

Your healthcare advisor offers a range of services. They can include reviewing your treatment options, helping you seek a second opinion, going over medical bills, negotiating with your insurance company, among many others. Services can have different costs, mostly depending on the time it will take to complete it or if it can be done virtually or in-person.

2. Credentials and expertise

Similar to different service businesses, different levels of experience and education can change the associated costs of a Healthcare Advisor.

3. Your location 

The cost for a Healthcare Advisor will likely be higher in a larger, more populated city in comparison to a more rural or suburban area. 

When thinking about hiring a Healthcare Advisor versus working with a family member or friend, be sure to consider the level of expertise and knowledge that a professional Healthcare Advisor can bring to the table. If you are uncertain about whether your situation requires this type of professional assistance, don’t hesitate to schedule a free session with a Caribou Healthcare Advisor today.