Caribou: Don’t Be This Kind of Patient

September 10, 2020



September 10, 2020

Doctors are people too which means they also cry, laugh, and even get annoyed at other people, including their patients.

There are certain things that patients say that can jeopardize their health, make treatments less effective, and ruin the doctor-patient relationship. 

What Not to Say to Your Doctor

Anything that is not 100% truthful. 

A patient is only harming themselves when they do not tell the truth and downplay or exaggerate their symptoms, lifestyle choices, pain levels, or side effects. When the doctor does not have accurate information, it makes it difficult for them to create the proper treatment plan. More importantly, if a patient withholds information regarding medications, it could be life threatening.

Anything condescending, loud, hostile, or sarcastic

Believe it or not, yelling at a doctor to approve a refill will not help you in any way. Asking them to break the law or letting all your anger onto them will only harm the relationship. 

Anything related to healthcare outside the doctor’s office

When you see a doctor in public, you should avoid talking to them about your medical issues or asking them for medical advice. If they are not working, they want to enjoy their personal life and not deal with patient concerns. 

Complaining about other doctors 

Complaining about other doctors tells your doctor that you may be difficult to work with. It could make the doctor want to turn you away or not treat you.

Asking for “favors”

Do not ask your doctor to write you a note saying you need more time off work when you are healthy. Don’t have your doctor take a “quick look” at another family member who doesn’t have an appointment or the right insurance to receive care. Doctors have rules to follow and asking for favors or special treatment puts the doctor in a challenging position.

Being over-demanding

If you constantly demand treatments, tests, medications, and referrals that your doctor deems unnecessary, you are wasting both you and your doctor’s times while also making it very difficult for your doctor to get to the root of the medical issue. 

Bringing up a major concern at the end of the appointment.

Doctors can get understandably frustrated when patients bring up a major concern at the end of their appointment. This is why preparing for your appointments is essential. That way, you know what to prioritize and discuss in your limited time with your doctor.