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Healthcare Advisors

We connect you with Healthcare Advisors that are driven by their passion to break down healthcare barriers. They come from a variety of qualified backgrounds, from business to nursing, that have given them the expertise to work alongside people who are faced with challenges related to the complicated healthcare system.

A Healthcare Advisor is a valuable part of someone’s team. They will go above and beyond to make people feel confident and empowered while making health-related decisions.

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Working with an Advisor:

Caribou’s Healthcare Advisors take the time to find the root of problems. They work with people one-on-one, as well as with families, through a defined set of goals developed together. This helps people feel at ease and prepared with the right information to make important health-related decisions, among many other benefits.

Our trusted Advisors will be transparent in your Free Consultation about their potential to help. Even the best Healthcare Advisor cannot always solve every problem the healthcare system may present.

Caribou Advisors are available nationally, servicing all of the United States.

How do I know I need an Advisor?

There is never a bad time to have a Healthcare Advisor on your team. But you may find it particularly helpful when:

  • Surprised by a medical bill or unexpected charge

  • Unsatisfied with your current health insurance plan

  • Unsure about something related to your employment

  • Frustrated or confused when communicating with your medical team

  • Overwhelmed by the amount of information related to your diagnosis or medical records

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Our health is all we have, making it critical to have the right resources when faced with important challenges or decisions. We started Caribou to give people access to guidance from trusted professionals who prioritize patient interests and understand the financial, clinical, and communication challenges of a complicated healthcare system. We believe that every person can be in the driver's seat of their healthcare decisions with a Caribou Healthcare Advisor on their side. Our vision is to impact many lives through liberating the navigation of healthcare for all.

Founders of Caribou